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What Are Your Financial Goals?

Most Americans never stop to ask themselves that question. They focus on financial tools, like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, when instead they should be zeroing in on strategies that will help them achieve those goals.

But building a Financial Foundation of Success requires the right strategies, strategies unique to you, your position, and your goals.

When your Wealth is Compounded, you can eliminate the Anxiety of Retirement and add Security, Consistency, and Predictability to your Retirement Income…no matter what the stock market does.
Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Amazing Book!
• The Single Most Important Strategy for Compounding Your Wealth

• Why there is No Such Thing as Unbiased Financial Advice

• The sneaky ways market volatility can affect your retirement

• 3 Important Dates, and how they will inevitably change the way America retires

• The truth about interest rates and the banking industry

• How to stop the government from taking your hard-earned money

• The secret to relieving Retirement Anxiety and never running out of money

• What Wall Street doesn’t know (and doesn’t want you to know)

• PLUS: The quick and easy way to generate tax-advantaged retirement income

Meet The Author
Joshua Schlinsky began his journey in the financial industry in 2001 with a well-known large financial institution, and in 2012 started his own firm, Safe Secure Financial.

Over the years, he has gained a comprehensive knowledge of strategies for Retirement Income Planning, and Wealth Optimization & Preservation. To bring comprehensive planning to his clients, Joshua works with a team of companies and experts such as J.D. Mellberg Financial, Wealth Beyond Wall Street, and many others. He is also a member of the American Association of Independent Advisors.

Josh has used his knowledge to help retirees and pre-retirees protect their money from the devastating effects of markets downturns and plan for lifetime income, all while minimizing taxes. He has appeared on NBC Nightly News and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal (as well as other prestigious publications) regarding his opinion on finance.
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